The Ministry of Teaching and Research of Modern Chinese History Held the Launching Meeting of "First Class Curriculum" Construction

Date:2021-01-12        Views:10

On the morning of January 11, the teaching and Research Department of modern Chinese history held a launching meeting of First Class Curriculum construction in the conference room of the college. Professor Zhou Ning, vice president, and all the teachers of the teaching and research department attended the meeting, which was presided over by Dr. Zhang Xiaojing, director of the teaching and research department.


At the meeting, Mr. Zhang Xiaojing gave a detailed introduction to the teachers on the construction objectives and key tasks of the First Class Curriculum, and made a clear division of work on the writing of detailed teaching plans. Then, all teachers actively discussed and exchanged the ideas of online and offline hybrid teaching design, the content of special topics, the expansion of the classroom and the construction of the test question bank of the Outline course, and explored the optimization methods.


The kick-off meeting is helpful for the teaching and research department to further clarify the construction direction and tasks of First Class Curriculum, make concerted efforts to speed up the construction pace, enhance the connotation and influence of curriculum, and provide curriculum construction support for the construction of key colleges.


(Written by Bai Lulu Reviewed by Zhou Ning)