Our School Has Organized the 2020 Annual Review on the Party Construction of Primary Party Secretaries

Date:2021-01-15        Views:10

On the afternoon of January 14th, our school held the 2020 annual meeting of Party branch secretaries' reporting. Members of the General Party Branch and Party branch secretaries attended the meeting, Zhang Bin, Secretary of the General Party Branch, presided over the meeting.


The Party branch secretary has carried out on-site duties on the branch work in China in 2020. The main contents include in-depth study and implementation of Xi Jinping's new socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics, studying the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping's inspection of the important speech of Anhui, the theme of never forget the original mind, keeping in mind the mission, the completion of the key tasks of the party building, the construction of competing for the first prize, and the activities of Party members. And Party Members Management.Zhang Bin commented on the work report of branch secretaries. He pointed out that in 2020, the work of each branch has made some achievements, but there are also many shortcomings. In 2021, branch secretaries should establish an overall awareness and improve their ideological standing,


The meeting also reviewed and assessed the Party branch secretary's work report on Party construction.


(Written by Wang Fang Reviewed by Zeng Juan)