Our School Held 2020 Democratic Life Conference

Date:2021-01-23        Views:10

On the morning of January 21, our school held the 2020 democratic life meeting of Party members and leading cadres in the conference room. Members of the college's leading group, Secretary of the Party branch, party representatives, representatives of democratic parties and teachers attended the meeting, and Zhang Bin, Secretary of the general Party branch, presided over the meeting.


Xi Jinping first informed the democratic life of the situation of the opinions, then on behalf of the leading group, reported the check materials and analyzed the problems thoroughly. The leading bodies still had problems in understanding the practice of doing the internship, the depth of the socialism with Chinese characteristics, the inadequate transformation of theoretical achievements, the continuous deepening of the epidemic prevention and control, and the reasons for the in-depth analysis of the problems, combined with the College of China, Zhang Bin. The development and construction plan of the 14th five year plan was formulated, and rectification measures were formulated. Then, the team members report their personal inspection and analysis materials in turn, and carry out serious self-criticism. The comrades attending the meeting put forward their opinions and suggestions to the members of the leading group, believing that the members of the leading group can carry out their work in the following year from the perspectives of the college's long-term planning, team building, giving full play to the political functions of the Party branch and the mass organization, and the all-round development of the teaching staff. The members of the leading group responded in turn and expressed their positions.


Zhang Bin made a concluding speech on behalf of the leading group. He sincerely thanks you for your valuable opinions and suggestions. In 2021, the college will continue to strengthen the development led by the party construction, coordinate the medium and long-term planning objectives and annual work, take the discipline and teaching staff construction as the central work, pay close attention to the platform construction, improve the social service level, promote the reform and innovation of Ideological and Political Courses, further highlight the brand characteristics, and expand the college's influence.


(Written by Wang Fang Reviewed by Zhang Bin)