He Peihong Was Invited to Give a Special Lecture for the Backbone Training Course of Our College's Management Business

Date:2021-03-01        Views:10

On the morning of February 28, He Peihong,He Peihong, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Minister of Organization, was invited to give a special lecture on the topic of Finding the Right Target and Enabling High Quality Development for the backbone training course of our college's management business. Zhang Bin, secretary and president of the Party General Branch, presided over the lecture.


He Peihong quoted the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech and analyzed the status and role of the grass-roots party organizations and their secretaries in universities. He believes that it is necessary to unswervingly uphold and strengthen the Party's overall leadership over colleges and universities, ensure that the Party's educational policies and major decisions of the Party Central Committee are effectively implemented , and complete Ideological and political work in Colleges and universities, promote the party's innovative theory into teaching materials, into the classroom, into the mind, and deeply cultivate and practice the socialist core values. He Peihong pointed out that party branch secretaries should strengthen political consciousness, improve quality and ability, perform their duties and set up moral models, party organization life should be more standardized, and strive to make characteristics and highlights of the work of the Party branch.


Zhang Bin pointed out that He Peihong's speech, which integrates depth, height, breadth and temperature, is a mobilization meeting to do a good job in the new semester. We should do a good job of reflection and summary to do well in the opening year of the 14th Five-Year Plan with good appearance and professional quality, and promote the college to a new level with high-quality party building.


(Written by Wang Fang  Photographed by Wang Fang  Reviewed by Zhang Bin)