Zhang Bin and His Delegation Visited Bengbu Prison for Communication and Investigation

Date:2021-03-02        Views:10

On the morning of March 2nd, Zhang Bin, secretary of the General Party Branch and president of Bengbu Prison, and other 4 people went to Bengbu Prison for communication and investigation. Zhu Shouwu, Party secretary and political commissar of Bengbu Prison, Wang Shijun, member of the Party Committee and deputy warden, Lv Rui, member of the Party Committee and director of the Political Office, and Zhang Jinsheng, deputy director of the Political Office attended the symposium. Zhu Shouwu presided over the symposium.


Zhang Bin briefly introduced the basic situation of talent team construction, party building, ideological and political teaching, discipline construction, theory publicity and so on. Zhang Bin pointed out that in recent years, the Academy has made great efforts to build all-member party building, theoretical party building and service party building, and the new pattern of development led by the party building has shown initial results. He expressed his cooperating with Bengbu prison in party construction and education courses teacher studies the cooperation intention Zhu Shouwu a line of research group of the arrival of a warm welcome, party construction achievements in our highly appreciated, this paper introduces the basic situation of Bengbu prison, he points out that the direction of the framework for the cooperative project, and hope that the two sides in politics theoretical study, the party history study education, subject research projects, laws and regulations training, honest cultural education form a complementary advantages, through the joint efforts of both sides make a characteristic and bright spot.


In this exchange and discussion, our hospital and Bengbu Prison reached the intention of cooperation and co-construction.


(Written by Wang Fang Reviewed by Zhang Bin)