Our School and the Shuangduiji Martyrs Memorial of Huaihai Campaign Signed a Cooperation Agreement and Held a Listing Ceremony

Date:2021-03-10        Views:12

In order to strengthen the construction of research base for ideological and political theory teachers, improve the education and teaching level of Ideological and political theory teachers, deepen the learning and education activities of party history, inherit the red cultural gene, and cultivate the patriotic feelings of school students, Zhang Bin, Secretary of the general Party branch and president of Huaihai Campaign, and his party went to the shuangduichui Martyrs Memorial Hall on the morning of March 9 to have a discussion with Zhao Qianjin, director of the memorial hall, and Wang Chong, deputy director of the memorial hall , signed the cooperation agreement and held the listing ceremony.


At the forum, Zhao Qianjin warmly welcomed Zhang Bin and his party. He briefly introduced the historical background, venue construction, daily reception and the significance of patriotism education of shuangduiji Martyrs Memorial. Zhang Bin introduced the basic situation of the party construction work, the practical teaching of the ideological and political course, the research and study of the teachers of the ideological and political course, and the theoretical propaganda. After the symposium, the research group and their party visited the revolutionary Hall of the shuangduiji martyrs' cemetery of the Huaihai Campaign, the martyrs' tombs of the Huaihai Campaign and the shuangduiji martyrs' Memorial Tower of the Huaihai Campaign.


The two sides reached an agreement to establish the practice base of red culture education for school students of Anhui University of Finance and economics and the research base for teachers of Ideological and political theory course in the new era in the memorial hall of shuangdui martyrs of Huaihai Campaign, and signed a cooperation agreement. After the signing ceremony, a listing ceremony was held.


(Written by Wang Fang Photographed by Wang Fang Reviewed by Zeng Juan)