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The Anhui University of Finance and Economics was renamed in March 2016 from the former teaching and Research Department of Ideological and political theory, through the Marxism–Leninism, the Marxism–Leninism, the Marxism–Leninism, the Department of Social Science Teaching, the Political Science Department, the ideological and political theory teaching and Research Department and the Marxist College, and other different stages of development. In 2018, the college was approved the second batch of key Marxist college construction units in Anhui Province. In 2018, the discipline of Marxist theory was selected as one of China's soft science and released China's best discipline ranking (top 50%) . In 2019, the discipline of Marxist theory was added by the Ministry of Education as a first-level discipline with a master's degree. The college is an independent teaching and research institution directly under the leadership of the school, which undertakes the education and teaching of ideological and political theory and the construction and research of Marxist theory. There are five departments of teaching and research and one center, namely, the Department of Teaching and Research of Marxist basic theory, the Department of Sinicization of Marxism, the Department of Ideological and Political Education, the Department of History of China, the Department of Teaching and research of situation and Policy , and the center of Practice Teaching of ideological and political theory. The college has two school-level institutions, namely the Institute of History and culture and the Institute of Clean Government Culture, it has five research institutes (centers) : the Research Center of Marxism and contemporary China's economic development, the research center of the Communist Party of China and contemporary China's development, the research center of college students'social practice in finance and economics universities, the research center of college students'ideological dynamics, and the teaching Innovation Center of Ideological and political theory courses, there are 4 provincial-level famous teachers' workshops, such as carrying forward the socialist core values , thinking and enjoying workshop , Party history research workshop , MINGFA Houde and so on. The college has a master's degree in Marxist theory, 11 master's supervisors and 39 graduate students. At present, there are 42 full-time teachers and 4 administrative staff, including 7 professors, 14 associate professors, 15 lecturers, 6 assistants, 10 external practical tutors. The college takes the construction of key Marxist colleges in the province as its lead, takes the education and teaching of ideological and political theory courses as its central work, grasps the discipline construction and scientific research work, and deepens the construction of the college's connotation, to upgrade the development level of the college in an all-round way. The comprehensive reform of teaching and learning has effectively promoted the innovation of ideological and political course comprehensive reform. Over the past three years, full-time teachers of the college have presided over six National Social Science Fund projects, one key team-building project of the Ministry of Education, more than 10 projects of the Ministry of Education's humanities and Social Science Fund project, the provincial philosophy and social science planning project, and the provincial key humanities project, two major provincial education reform projects, provincial quality engineering projects 6. Second Prize of provincial excellent teaching achievement. He has published more than 50 research papers in such core journals as research on the history of the Communist Party of China, teaching and research, and contemporary world and socialism, won The first prize of the provincial united front theory innovation, 1 prize of the Provincial Social Science Federation, 2 Prize of the Provincial Social Science, 3 prize of the Bengbu Social Science. Among the teachers, there is one person nominated by the Ministry of Education for the influence of the ideological and political theory course, one person with advanced social science work in the country, one well-known teacher in a province, and one person with influence of the ideological and political theory course in a university at the provincial level, the Education and Work Committee of the provincial Party Committee propagandized and studied the spirit of the 19th Party Congress. Since the 18th National Congress of the CPC, the college has given nearly 100 theoretical lectures and provided advisory reports to party and government organs, enterprises and institutions, making positive contributions to local economic and social development. The college is committed to developing a solid theoretical foundation for the all-round development of moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetic and labor, and to meeting the needs of China's political, economic, cultural, social, ecological and Party building, can Be engaged in ideological and political education, theoretical propaganda, management and other fields of scientific research, teaching and practical work of high-level, high-quality specialized personnel, graduate training high quality, graduates widely welcomed by the community.