Publication of the results of 2016-2019 tenure evaluation suggestions of Marxism Institute

Date:2019-12-23        Views:465

According to the spirit and requirements of the notice on carrying out the evaluation of the term of appointment in 2016-2019 (SCH Zi [2019] No. 62), the leading group of the evaluation of the term of appointment of the college has made full comments. The third round of employment period assessment recommendations and other results are hereby publicized to all faculty members of the college in accordance with relevant requirements.

The list of excellent personnel of the same rank is as follows: (in the order of last name)

Wang Cheng, Wang Xianping, Chen Shoushu, Zhang Xiaojing, Zhou Ning, Xu Weiqian and Hui

Publicity time: December 23-24, 2019

Contact person: Zhang Bin

Tel: 3178608

During this period, if the above personnel are found to have selection conditions and other important issues, please report to the contact person by phone or written materials.

School of Marxism

December 23, 2019