Our School organized all teachers to study and watch the first "Weekend Theory Lecture Hall" group lesson preparation meeting of the new semester

Date:2023-02-18        Views:42

On the afternoon of February 17th, our institute organized all teachers to study the 112th lecture of the Weekend Theory Lecture Hall sponsored by the Ministry of Education through the national college ideological and political theory course teachers' online collective lesson preparation platform.

First of all, Xu Qingsen, director of the Department of Social Sciences of the Ministry of Education, made special arrangements for the work of ideological and political courses in the new semester, stressing that it is necessary to conscientiously study and implement the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress, pay close attention to major hot issues, and continuously improve the teaching level of ideological and political courses. He put forward four requirements for the teaching of ideological and political courses in the new semester: improve political standing, understand students' reality, carry out collective lesson preparation, and strictly abide by the bottom line of safety.

Subsequently, Yao Jianhong, Secretary of the Party Committee of Peking Union Medical College, and Xing Yunwen, Dean of the School of Marxism of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, gave in-depth explanations on Explanation of Several Issues on Epidemic Prevention and Control and Thinking on the Integration of Issues Related to Epidemic Prevention and Control into Ideological and Political Courses. The two experts gave detailed answers on the basic knowledge of infectious diseases, the three-year great anti-epidemic struggle, how to view the major adjustment of epidemic prevention and control policies, the grassroots governance issues in epidemic prevention and control, the important contributions made by college students to epidemic prevention and control, how to fully understand and carry forward the great anti-epidemic spirit, and how to integrate epidemic prevention and control related issues into the teaching of ideological and political courses in the new semester.

Finally, Vice President Zhou Ning made a concluding speech on the collective study, and all teachers should improve their political standing, fully prepare, and seriously teach the first lesson of the school.