Our teachers went to Soochow University for training and training

Date:2023-02-19        Views:59

The plan of the year lies in the spring, and the spirit of the beginning is seen. In order to further improve the teaching and research level of our teachers, from February 12 to 15, the s chool organized an intensive training and training for teachers at Soochow University, with Yang Ye, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the university, attending the opening ceremony and making a mobilizing speech.

Yang Ye highly affirmed the training work, and pointed out that it is very meaningful to use the vacation time to organize teachers to focus on training.He asked all participants to cherish the learning opportunity, abide by the training discipline, digest and absorb the results of this training from four aspects: learning, studying, understanding and using; during the training period, we should focus on strengthening exchanges, learn from the successful experience of teaching Civics and building Marxist disciplines, and inject new momentum to promote the high-quality development of Marxism. Chen Jianjun, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Marxism of Soochow University, delivered a welcome speech. After the opening of the class, Yang Ye led members of the college team to have a working meeting with Wang Lupei, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Soochow University, and the two sides had an in-depth exchange on the construction and development of the School of Marxism and the construction of the study base for teachers of Civics and Political Science, and reached a preliminary intention for further deepening cooperation.

According to the training and training arrangement, Professor Tian Zhijian focused on the relationship between the development of the Marxist Institute and the development of the Marxist discipline, the relationship between curriculum and discipline construction, and the relationship between scientific research and talent training. And he explained the key issues in the process of the construction of the Marxist Institute and the development of the Marxist discipline. Dr. Gu Hongsong combined his many years of teaching experience to give a vivid teaching demonstration of the close integration of Civics and Real Life. Director Wu Xinxing gave a detailed explanation on the declaration policy and declaration process of the National Social Science Foundation projects, and gave guidance to our teachers' declaration letters one by one. In the real-life teaching session, all the students went to the former residence of Ye Shengtao, a patriotic education base in Suzhou, for a visit to learn about the excellent teacher ethics and family sentiments of the great educator.

Zhang Bin made a summary of the training activities. He pointed out that the training was well-prepared, rich in content and targeted, which was not only a refueling station to promote the level of teaching and research, but also a mobilization meeting before the start of the school year. He stressed that each teacher should blend with reason and reality, apply what they have learned, always think about how to develop the college better, always consider how to improve their business level faster, look to the advanced Ma College, be good at finding deficiencies in comparison, try to narrow the gap in running, and make due contribution to promoting the college to achieve high-quality development.