Our School held a conference for faculty and staff

Date:2023-03-02        Views:52

On the afternoon of March 1st, our institute held the fourth meeting of the first faculty and staff conference in the lecture hall on the third floor of the library of the western campus, all the faculty and staff of the college participated in the meeting, and Zeng Juan, deputy secretary of the general branch of the party, presided over the opening ceremony.

The conference heard and deliberated the dean's work report of The original intention does not change, the high-quality development of the School of Marxism is stable and far-reaching, the report comprehensively summarized the development and achievements of the college in party building, discipline construction, talent and teacher training, teaching and research achievements, discipline construction, scientific research and social services, and the construction of big ideological and political courses in 2022, and made arrangements for important quantitative indicators, work measures, work innovation and reform tasks in 2023. Vice Dean Zhou Ning reported to the conference the Implementation Plan on Further Promoting the High-quality Development of Marxist Colleges (2023-2027) and Recommended Measures for the Evaluation of Titles of Marxist College of Anhui University of Finance and Economics (Draft for Comments). Delegations discussed in groups and adopted the Report on the Work of the President. The conference recognized teachers who performed well in 2022.

The conference called on all faculty and staff to adhere to the problem-oriented and original intention, fully implement the implementation plan for promoting the high-quality development of the equine institute, and promote the cause to a new level in the continuous improvement style.