The school carefully organizes the "first Civics class of the beginning of the school year"

Date:2023-03-06        Views:51

In order to further study and implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress and better integrate the great anti-epidemic spirit into the teaching of Civics class, in accordance with the unified work plan of the Ministry of Education, the Provincial Education Work Committee and the Party Committee of the university, the college planned ahead, prepared carefully and organized the first Civics class at the beginning of the school year.

1. Raise the political standing and fully understand the importance of the first Civic Science lesson at the beginning of the school year. People's lives have gradually returned to normal after three years of major victories against the epidemic. How to educate and guide students with the great achievements in fighting against epidemic, fully understand the superiority of socialist system and firmly establish the common ideal of socialism with Chinese characteristics is the top priority of education and teaching work in universities at the beginning of the new semester.On February 20, the  school held an enlarged meeting of the party branch, set up a leading group headed by the main person in charge of the college, and formulated a work plan for the first Civics class of the school.

 2.Full training, multiple measures to improve the teaching quality of the first Civic Science class.The school held a training course for teachers of Ideological and Political class in spring semester of 2023 from February 23 to February 25. The teachers of the Civics course participated in the course, focusing on learning the spirit of the meeting of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee on the prevention and control of the epidemic on February 16, focusing on the integration of the spirit of the 20th National Congress into the teaching of the Civics course and the theme of the first Civics course of the school year, and conducting thematic discussions in the party branches and teaching and research departments. Each party branch and teaching and research department prepared carefully and fully exchanged ideas on the way to integrate the curriculum, the design of teaching contents and the key points of teaching, which effectively improved the quality of collective lesson preparation. After the collective discussion, each teaching and research department submitted the teaching plan and courseware of the first Civics class at the beginning of the school year. At the same time of collective preparation, the school relied on the research base of Anhui school teachers of Civics, and actively contacted with the Civics Instruction Committee of the Ministry of Education and the Civics Instruction Committee of Anhui University, and invited Liu Jianjun, a famous expert in Marxist theory, to give counseling and training on the 2023 edition of Civics textbook. In the first week of the school year, the college also actively prepared for the pre-competition rehearsal of Anhui University Students' Civics Lecture Competition, continued to carry out the training work of the backbone practice class of university students' Civics Lecture, and actively organized the practice research and selection of 2022 winter vacation university students' family style and family training theme.

3.Supervision of all staff, strengthening the teaching quality monitoring of the first Civic Science class at the beginning of the school year. In the morning of Feb. 27, Yu Baotao, secretary of the Party Committee, and Wu Gang, secretary of the Discipline Inspection Committee, led a team to the 403 classroom of Mingde Building to listen to the course of Principles of Marxism taught by Mr. Hu Xiujie. He introduced the new semester from online teaching to offline teaching, combined with the spirit of the central government's meeting on epidemic prevention and control, guided students to correctly understand the great achievements made in the three years of epidemic fighting, encouraged students to cherish their hot youthful campus life, diligently study Marxist theory, and armed their minds with the latest achievements of Marxism Chineseization of the times. Mr. Yu Baotao highly praised Mr. Hu Xiujie for his organic combination of Marxism's people's qualities and China's fight against the epidemic to show the concept of life first and people first, which enriched the teaching content and improved the teaching effect. For the teaching of Civics course, Yu Baotao stressed that it is necessary to promote the spirit of the 20th Party Congress into the classroom, into the teaching materials and into the mind, pay attention to digging out the great practice in the new era to educate people, constantly optimize the content supply, improve the teaching methods, enhance the leadership, attractiveness and infectious power of Civics course, so as to achieve the realistic effect of nurturing young students' love for the Party and the country and strengthening the ideal belief of the new generation of the times.

The school will continue to play the role of the main channel of the ideological and political education of students in the new semester, deepen the reform and innovation of the ideological and political science class, and continuously improve the effectiveness of the ideological and political education of students.